A little bit about me




For most of my life, there was a subtle feeling (sometimes not so subtle) of being lost, disconnected, alone, floating around from place to place, feeling like I didn't belong anywhere. I know that being adopted, and also moving my whole life as an Army brat had something to do with that, but I didn’t know what to do with this feeling of being stuck and lost at the same time. 

I found Breathwork the same year I traveled down to the Amazon Rainforest for the first time to live with an indigenous tribe and partake in their healing rituals and medicines. This trip was one of a few experiences that led me to stop binge drinking, and completely change the course of my life.


Breathwork called to me like an old friend, mysterious and alluring. I didn’t know anything about it, but I knew I had to try it, and I haven’t looked back since. I met and breathed weekly for 6 weeks in Colorado with a sweet group led by my wonderful future teacher and friend. Little did I know how much that experience would propel me onto this magical and at times painful path of healing and growth. 


Connecting with my breath in this way has become a reliable resource for support, integration, and evolution. Breathwork has helped me to unearth very old stuck emotions, memories, and traumas. I’ve been able to feel again. Feel everything. I’ve been able to connect with and process grief that I never knew I was carrying. I’ve been able to forgive myself, forgive others, and learn to transmute feelings of shame. The most fun part of this journey has been reconnecting with the joyful younger part of myself I had long forgotten. I feel whole. I don’t feel lost anymore, and I am in love with myself and this life in such a way that brings tears to my eyes.


I knew that working with the breath was something I wanted to learn, to deepen my relationship with, and to teach to others. As life has it, I found myself out in New York embarking on a 3 year educational and spiritual journey learning various energy healing modalities, including how to facilitate breathwork ceremonies.  


It brings me so much pleasure and honor to meld these practices together while providing a safe container for you to tap into your own healing abilities, while releasing all that no longer serves you. 


If you’re feeling curiosity and the desire, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to be by your side as you journey through your own healing. The magic is waiting for you, inside of you.


Professional Bio

Breathwork Facilitator Training with Gurpreet Gill (CO) and Zach Rehder (AZ).


Two year Sound Healing Apprenticeship at Sage Academy of Sound with Lea Garnier in Woodstock, NY.


Sound Healing Certification training (including Gong Camp with legendary Gong Master Don Conreaux) through Sage Academy of Sound, Woodstock, NY. 


Traditional Reiki 1 training with Lyndsey Harrington at Maha Rose in Brooklyn, NY.


One year Shamanic Reiki Master training with Angell Deer at The Sanctuary in Callicoon, NY.