How busy are you right now?

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

How are you? I keep asking my friends how they are, and they keep saying busy, tired, but doing well (kinda sorta). I'm feeling the busy creeping into my own life recently, and I know it's in the collective as well.

Are we busying ourselves because it feels good to be needed, to be DOING THINGS, and to be productive? Yes, of course! We just are coming out of a year long lock-down where so many of us had to stop what we were doing. Like pretty much everything.

I'm thinking that now that it's warmer weather up here and things are opening back up again, it feels good to be able to do things, to see people, and to feel like we're contributing in some way. I am also feeling that some of us are taking on more than we're ready for, although we think we are. I know bills have to be paid, and events need to happen, and people need our help. At the same time, I see that so many of us are struggling to create enough time in our lives to do other things that we love and need. Like to rest. Meditate. To spend quality time in nature. Play music for fun. Connect with loved ones. Explore. Take bike rides. Learn new healthy recipes. Start (again) doing yoga. To play. Write, climb, swim, travel, etc etc.

It feels like a big wave, a crescendo of energy to do, do, do, do. So I'm doing my best take on what is healthy and necessary, and to let the rest go. It's almost

as if it's a status symbol to be busy. Burnout is not. cool. I have been in that race over and over again, and it will literally make you sick. Emotionally and physically.

Even though things are opening up again in rapid form, I don't think a lot of us are quite as ready for it as we thought we would be. Especially the sensitive ones. You know who we/you are. Can you be as gentle with yourself as you can during this time? Understand that it's okay to feel uncomfortable or easily drained in social situations, and to consider not taking on an extra client or job, or event or class this month. Can you say yes to only what is lighting a fire inside of you?

It's all about balancing our mental and physical well being with what we think we're supposed to be doing, or want to be doing. It's okay if we're not there yet. It's okay to slow down and proceed when we're rested, energized, clear, and inspired. Whatever is meant for us, will (still) be there. Especially if we put ourselves and our self care first.

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