How much do you love yourself?

I’ve been on this ride before. Pushing so much that my body starts to respond in the most obvious ways.

The Lyme disease decided to show up to remind me to slow down, be easy, take good care.


So many of us are doing the good work, and it’s okay to relax into all that is. Even when we THINK that there is so much to do, so much that we still have to work on, that we must work harder...

Every. Single...Time that I start getting pulled into the old thought pattern that I have to do this in order to get there...when I listen to what my body is telling me, to what I’m feeling, and ALWAYS works out.

You’ve got you. You’re always supported. Ahh it feels so good to hear what’s being transmitted through the intelligence of our bodies, our hearts, to act on that knowing, and then to reap those gorgeous rewards.

The sometimes subtle gifts are always showing up when we decide to honor ourselves. What do you need right now? Can you ask yourself that? Can you give yourself what you need? Even if those things seem daunting, or even simple, they matter...sit, listen, and respond.

Act as you would as if you were 5 again. Can you tap into that little one that’s still inside of you? The one who is filled with wonder knows.

How much can you love yourself?

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