I Dream of Love

The wind whispers my name as the fire shares its wisdom. Sparks of inspiration as I use my breath to make music through a handmade flute in the warm candlelight.

The power is out as the wind whips through the trees. My cat timidly makes her way onto my lap. My other trusty companion, wind chime, dances around merrily in the dark night. The crackling of the fire soothes my jumpy nerves.

Memories of a dream last night light up my soul reminding me not to forget. The handsome man with his steady gaze and unwavering presence takes my hand in his. They fit perfectly together, and he gives me this knowing look and playful smile. I feel safe and held in his gaze, presence and energy. I feel seen in all of my wholeness and perfect imperfections. There are no doubts or insecurities, but a peaceful joy and reciprocal, grounding love.

The people around us can feel it too, and are also grounded in our energy. A deep trust. Something that feels so rare, like a white Elk in the great forest. This kind of love. I can feel it all the way down to to tips of my toes. The energy that is shared is out of this realm, only few understand how this feels. Even after waking, that deep loving, protective and supportive presence and energy stays with me.

It holds me as I weep, feeling the grief of the collective and also shedding my own. Silent tears burn my cheeks and cleanse my heart. I am left tired, yet enlivened by the magic of this life, and this extraordinary spirit and body. My heart is exhausted as it burns with desire to be understood and to be fought for with fervor. Is there anything wrong with wanting someone to really want to know who I am and what I love and what annoys me? Will you stay and stand tall by my side (?) as we traverse the unknown together, deeper into the cavernous shadows and never-ending pools of love…holding hands we guide each other, each taking turns leading, trusting, laughing, loving.

Maybe that man is me…me loving me, being present for me…so that I can live fully and free.

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