(that deep) Soul Connection

As we wade through the seas of our lives we drift towards each other, sometimes bumping gently into one other and floating on, sometimes even drawn together like the pull of a magnet. Then there are those times where forces outside of our understanding, as strong as a riptide pull us under, losing control and then bam…there we are, face to face, familiar and easy the connection so energized and palpable we have no choice, but to continue in that direction as if destined to be.

We can’t help but smile, and we keep smiling and laughing in a way that we haven’t felt ourselves laugh in a long time. Still the mystery, the tension, the desire, the curiosity, the longing dancing through every cell of our beings…feeling scared and giggly, cautious and enlivened, senses heightened, bashful cheeks flushed with desire, shyly pulling away when inside the fire of yearning burns bright and hot…oh the dance, the play, the tease, the funny feeling in the belly, and even lower where it’s warmer, throbbing with anticipation in-synch with the heart that beats with fervor inside our chests. Finally, the breath we’ve been holding escapes as a low feral moan, a primal exhale of release and surrender.

Then the waiting. The wondering. The remembering. You catch a whiff of their intoxicating smell as you wander through your days trying not to think about their smile, their warm soft lips, as your mouth curves up in a knowing smile as you recall and relive the first sweet slow and innocent moments of intimacy. Seeing the glimmer in their eye, when you take a quick break from work to sip your tea for a second there they are again, their voice echoing through your mind as a feather slipping across your skin as your body shivers in pleasure.

When souls connect in this world sometimes it’s for a brief flicker in time, others it’s as if the paths had already been laid out before them, just waiting for the exact moment in time when one steps in front of the other and then lives are changed just like that.

Cherish these connections no matter how how brief. We exist on this planet together for a reason and we need each other to thrive. Yes we are tough, as humans, and also delicate as we move through joy, loss, celebration and grief. Our hearts need to give and receive support, healing connection and love. We dance in the moonlight of connection drawing together intertwining hearts, energies and souls as we walk along our individual paths holding each-other’s hands creating magical lives, taking care of ourselves and each other along the way.

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