Shadow on Concrete Wall



"Committing to a deepening Breathwork series with Meg last fall was one of the best things I could have done for my mental, physical and spiritual health. After the first two sessions which released very deep stuck energy and emotional pain, I felt more at ease yet vulnerable. As I continue working with my breath in this way, Meg holds a safe container for me to feel all of these emotions and move energy through my body.


I feel very strongly that Meg has a gift that's enhanced by her commitment to training and education in Reiki, Breathwork and Sound Healing. She's been able to help me feel safe, loved and seen through the process which allows for even deeper healing work to happen. I cannot say enough positive things about Meg and this journey."

Leah B.

"Meg doesn’t facilitate breath-work sessions by simply going through the motions, but instead brings an intuitive connection that keeps her tuned to the process.

She incorporates a unique combination of music, sound healing and Reiki that eases the flow between states of consciousness.


If you are ready for a deep dive into some part of your being that needs insight, healing or release, I can’t recommend Meg highly enough. She’ll guide you on this journey with the utmost skill and care." 



Tom R.

"I wasn’t sure that something as simple as breathing could have such a profound effect on my physical and mental state. I am amazed at how it has affected my self awareness of mind and body and I feel more conscious about how things affect me now. I am very impressed with Meg’s abilities as a guide and have felt very comfortable and safe in her presence.


Meg’s patience and skill for her craft are quite impressive! I highly recommend to anyone hesitant about giving it a try that it will be an incomparable experience with great reward if you put in the effort required."

Adam L.

Mural by Denver artist Lindee Zimmer