Why Breathwork? 

First off, I'd like to express my gratitude to you for finding this page. It means that you're curious about initiating and creating some positive change in your life. I honor you for your courage and thank you for being here.


Conscious Connected Circular Breathwork is a dynamic meditation that offers an opportunity for you to release stuck emotions, increase self-awareness, to alkalize your physical body and to unleash your full potential. Your breath is the link between the body and the mind. Learning how to focus on and consciously control the breath can liberate you from limiting beliefs, stagnation, stress, and worry. 


Breathwork is a direct connection to source energy, revealing parts of yourself that have been tucked away- sometimes for a very long time. Working with the breath in this way offers an opportunity to reunite with your highest and most expansive version of self, inviting you to come back into alignment/well-being. 


The atmosphere these days is tense, creating fear and anxiety for so many, on top of the everyday life stuff that we have to deal with. A breathwork session can be a nourishing system reset if you’re feeling overwhelmed, and/or craving some self care.  


If you’re looking for some help with moving through grief, accessing repressed/suppressed emotions, clearing your busy mind, addressing feelings of stuckness in your life, relieving mental heaviness, calling in joy, reconnecting with your intuition, finding creative inspiration, igniting a spiritual connection, or maybe you want to drop into your body and have someone to hold space for you in a safe environment, send me an email, we’ll discuss what’s coming up for you, and we'll set up a time to connect in person. 


In our 2 hour session we’ll have time to connect about what is active in your life, I'll explain the process, and then I will gently guide you through the breathwork session while doing Reiki and Sound Healing if desired, and when intuitively called for. Please send me an email with any questions, and I look forward to hearing from you!